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People use Snapchat for some of their most memorable moments and users should not have to remember to “save to camera roll” before sending. For the last 4 years, you’ve had to scroll through your entire contacts list to find your 3 roommates whom you send 80% of your snaps to. Interestingly, Snapchat did, in fact, roll out group messaging.

Or (b) apparently they didn’t realize that Facebook group messages already existed.In comparison to Facebook and Twitter, Snap Inc is limping to the starting line. For Android users, things are even worse, with Snapchat publicly admitting to prioritizing Apple development over Android Development.Snapchat is witnessing seriously concerning drops in user acquisitions, and their price-to-sales ratio will far exceed historical marks when the stock opens at –. Snapchat continues to release new versions with bugs that should have been fixed long ago — bugs that Facebook would never tolerate in their products.Record indefinitely but only send the last 10 seconds. The game was coming down the wire and I wanted to catch the last moments on Snapchat.Long story short, my 10 seconds of video ran out about 0.5 seconds too soon.

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Hand to my heart, I opened Snapchat and these are the first 5 ads I saw: Need I say more?