Dating vintage sewing machine

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His inventor's mind quickly thought of the housewife and her need to repair trouser legs or sleeves; he realized that the dimensions of such a machine would need to be reduced.

Thus the idea that gave birth to the first modern household sewing machine with a free arm was conceived.

Light weight aluminium casting, Colour Green, unusual as the standard colour for this period was black with the usual gold decoration. The Carrying Case fitted around the free arm enabling the case to extend the sewing area, a unique feature for the time.This type of stitch was called super-automatic which when abbreviated to Supermatic gave the Elna its name.Many hours of research and development went into perfecting this new system.It is common belief that these friends may have also included an Aunt.He was astonished by the number of special industrial machines employed which had a cylindrical arm on which tubular pieces of fabric could be sewn.

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