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producers almost had to shoot the scenes they were in together ... Multiple production sources tell TMZ, Nia was extremely rude to the people in hair, makeup and wardrobe -- something Nia's people strongly deny -- which pissed Taraji off something fierce.

We're told it got to the point they stopped speaking to each other when they were on set.

And Taraji P Henson told Jimmy Fallon on Friday's Tonight Show that she couldn't be prouder of the achievement.

The 46-year-old Empire actress started off the evening by appearing on stage with a whimsical green mask and matching antennae for St. After her raucous entrance, which included quite a bit of dancing, the actress simmered down when asked about her role in the hit film Hidden Figures.

” (Henson was nominated for Best Supporting Actress at the 81st Academy Awards, but Penelope Cruz took home the statue that year for , he ensured she got more — much more — than sofa change.

“He told me exactly what to ask for,” Henson remembers.

In the game, which is a derivative of Plinko, contestants drop a disk into the board, which then directs it into a random cup filled with a drink, which must be mixed with another and consumed.

We’ve been in good ways in this country before, and then find ourselves going backwards.

I’m like, ‘Hollywood can keep moving forward.’”" data-reactid="32"Certainly, women have been leading the way since previously suppressed stories of sexual harassment and abuse have spilled over into the public view, whether it’s been through coordinated red carpet campaigns or moving testimonials that resonate with righteous fury.

Her character was an ex of Lucious Lyon, who was in the process of getting back with Cookie.

As for whether Nia will be back for season 4, our sources say no way in hell.

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