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“It’s funny because just when I was about to retire again, the Lord dropped all these songs in my lap.

God has been reminding me not to worry about what comes next, because he is taking care of the details and that he created me for this purpose.

A staycation means spending time at home, but with at least a few differences to make it memorable.

That might mean no shopping or cooking; every meal is at a restaurant.

A post from a few weeks ago talked about retiring in another country.

If that idea attracts you at all, one of the first "rules" is to spend time there first, starting with a few chunks of vacation time.

It was during that time that the Lord gave me some new songs and new things to talk about.

When the moment arises to spend time with TWO richly blessed talents, you pull out all the stops.

You can either land it or crash it, but it’s coming down. But I’ve learned through the years, it’s better to face the music, land the plane, get off the road and get refreshed.

“I really didn’t think I would have new material, so I went away for a while.

Back then, you needed a few seconds in between songs for the sound guy to change the soundtrack.

Since those few seconds of silence can be nerve-racking, I would tell stories about my life.

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Then, my voice changed and ended all that for a while.” As a student at Liberty University, Lowry initially focused on pursuing a business degree, but he felt God calling him into music ministry.

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